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COTA Funds List

College of the Arts

Program and Research Support

F000313Fine Arts General FundUnrestricted support to College of the Arts
F016877College of the Arts Annual FundSupports fundraising activities performed on behalf of the College by the UF Foundation's annual giving program, Florida Fund.
F014889Madelyn M. Lockhart Graduate Student and Faculty FellowshipSupports fellowship awards to graduate students and/or faculty in the College of the Arts to support research-related travel
F001869Ann Carter Garnett Marston LectureshipSupports visiting artists/scholars for lecture series.
F016755Pollack Building Clearing FundSupports Pollack Building for Fine Arts

Faculty Endowment

F002049Samuel P. Harn Eminent Scholar Chair FundSupport Eminent Scholar Chair and lecture series

School of Art + Art History

Join the Friends of Art + Art History with a donation of $50 or more to one or more of the following funds!

Program and Research Support

F001909School of Art and Art History FundUnrestricted support to the School of Art and Art History
F018423Andrew Tyler Fawbush and Gregory Alan Fawbush Memorial FundSupports the Creative Photography program
F005593CeramicsSupport for Ceramics Department
F017431School of Art and Art History Sculpture FundSupport the Sculpture Department

Endowed Scholarships and Fellowships

F008277Dennis and Colette Campay Studio Art ScholarshipSupports scholarships given to studio art students
F014521Sarah and Kenneth Kerslake EndowmentSupports scholarships for students majoring in printmaking
F006419E. Robert Langley Scholarship FundSupports scholarship for students in SA+AH who also intern at the UF Harn Museum.
F008355Carolyn A. Novogrodsky Memorial Award for Artistic PursuitsSupports awards to senior studio art students who have demonstrated a desire to use art to promote social change.
F006580James J. Rizzi ScholarshipSupports scholarships to students in Art Department

Non-Endowed Scholarships

F002003William M. and Sue Goza Art History Prize FundSupports art history awards to students winning competition for top 3 art history papers
F002593Stephen Kippert Memorial ScholarshipSupports graduate scholarship in photographic program.
F003819Ahrens Scholarship FundSupports scholarship to a junior painting major.
F006991Amy Nicole DeGrove Memorial ScholarshipSupports scholarships for incoming freshman and junior level studio art students.
F011297Hiram Williams Art Scholarship FundSupports scholarship for student majoring in painting
F016569Jerry Cutler Graduate Student Travel FundSupports graduate students for research/study travel
F018251Jerry Uelsmann Studio Art ScholarshipSupport scholarship to be awarded annually to recognize an exceptional studio art student in the School of Art & Art History

University Gallery

Join the University Gallery Society with a donation of $50 or more to one or more of the following funds!

Program and Research Support

F000435Grinter Gallery Endowment FundSupports art galleries at Linton E Grinter Hall
F000563University Gallery ExhibitsSupports University Gallery Art Exhibits
F004097University Gallery Art SocietySupports all aspects of producing art exhibitions University Gallery, Focus Gallery, & Grinter Gallery.
F004865Dr. and Mrs. Henri Theil Endowment for the University GallerySupports University Gallery

School of Music

Join the Friends of Music with a donation of $50 or more to one or more of the following funds!

Program and Research Support

F000581School of Music FundSupports the programs and students of the School of Music
F014155Friends of Music General FundProvides general assistance to the School of Music
F001951UF Chamber Singers FundSupports Chamber's singers
F011871Steinway Piano FundSupports the school's initiative to become an "All Steinway" school
F014137Opera ProgramSupports UF opera theatre
F014633Orchestra Program FundSupports the orchestra program
F013899Cornelia Odom Fund for the Enhancement of Oboe Instruction and PerformanceSupports the oboe program
F017455Brazilian Music Institute and World Music Ensembles FundSupports the Brazilian Institute and World Music Ensemble activities.
F017453School of Music Clarinet Studio FundSupports the School of Music Clarinet Studio.
F000069Music Ensembles FundSupports music ensembles
F018425Jack and Cherie Fine Music Faculty Research FundSupports faculty research, scholarship and creative activities related to strings and chamber music
F018481UF Gospel ChoirSupports the UF Gospel Choir
F018239Make the Music FundSupport facility and equipment enhancement for the School of Music.

Endowed Scholarships and Fellowships

F011633Larry A. Webb and Jean V. Webb Carillon FundSupports the carillon program and students
F001555Mr. and Mrs. John V. D'Albora, Jr. Scholarship in Honor of Frances M. ReitzSupports general music scholarships
F000845Friends of Music EndowmentSupports music enrichment and scholarships.
F002719David L. Wilmot Prize for Excellence in Music EducationSupports scholarships for music students in music education.
F004149Carol Carswell Bhide Endowment for MusicSupports accompanist's position for Women's Chorale and/or scholarship for a member of Women's Chorale.
F004489Edith P. Pitts Music ScholarshipSupports undergraduate/graduate scholarships in piano or peformance.
F004355George W. Tedder, Jr. and Susan Heald Tedder Scholarship FundSupports outstanding graduate students in choral music or voice and undergraduate students in voice.
F004815Elizabeth E. Larsen Music ScholarshipSupports general music scholarships
F004461Frances Millikan Reitz Scholarship FundSupports general music scholarships
F007165James Glenn Connor Choral Music Scholarship FundSupports a junior music major in choral ensemble
F007221Dorothy Reaves String ScholarshipSupports music scholarships in the string area
F007897Velma Lykes Music ScholarshipSupports music scholarships; preference toward students specializing in violin who demonstrate financial need.
F012457Sue W. Marion Music Scholarship/Fellowship FundSupports general music scholarships
F007891John and Margaret Sung Family Fine Arts FellowshipSupports graduate fellowships in composition or conducting
F008113Beatrice Fairing Music ScholarshipGeneral scholarships for students studying music
F012819John C. and Ruth Amott Clarinet ScholarshipSupports scholarships for students of clarinet
F014231Kenneth Webster, M.D. Saxophone EndowmentSupports scholarships for students of saxophone
F017221Robert N. and Beverly T. Singer School of Music Fellowship Fund"Supports awards for recruitment of graduate students at the School of Music; includes awards, travel, performances,research
F017247Donald E. McGlothlin and Mary McQueen Ross Friends of Music Scholarship in Memory of Charles S. RossSupports general music scholarships
F014743Uriel Blount, Jr. and Jessie B. Blount Cello and Viola Memorial EndowmentSupports cello and viola programs
F006279Music Department EndowmentSupports academic programs including scholarship in Music Department
F008441School of Music Scholarship EndowmentSupport scholarship for graduate or undergraduate students pursuing degree in School of Music
F011289James W. Van Horn Music FundSupports undergraduate or graduate students with proficiency in chorale singing, composing, and/or conducting

Non-Endowed Scholarships

F005575Russell C. Danburg ScholarshipSupports a junior or senior in piano or music theory
F011683Rich Holley Memorial ScholarshipSupports general music scholarships based on scholastic ability, talent, and financial need.
F011809Grissom Trombone AwardProvides annual award to a trombone student to attend international trombone festival.
F014791Elizabeth Graham Summer Opera Theatre Travel AwardSupports students' travel and enrollment costs to attend off-campus opera workshops
F000221Friends of Music ScholarshipSupports scholarships for incoming freshmen


Become a Gator Band Booster with a donation of $50 or more to one or more of the following funds!

Program and Research Support

F000351Gator Band General FundSupports Gator Band
F007065Gator Band AlumniSupports the Gator Band
F016323Gator Band Marching Field FundSupports the marching band and the marching band field

Non-Endowed Scholarships

018983Robin Olin Oegerle Education FundSupports the educational outreach efforts of the University of Florida Band Program in the areas of student recruitment, program promotion via recordings and concert tours, faculty recruiting initiatives and other critical needs or educational initiatives of the Band Program, at the discretion of the Marching Band Director.
F002218Mark Stoughton Band ScholarshipSupports scholarships for students in Marching Band
F006441Brian Gindy Scholarship FundSupports scholarship for band librarian position
F018379Michael Pirie Memorial Scholarship FundSupports scholarships for student on the Gator Marching Band drumline who exhibits strength of character, generosity, exuberance and dedication to the Gator Band
F017759Mandy Grau Marching Band Memorial ScholarshipSupports scholarship to a marching band student; preference to a tuba musician; to be used as an ""emergency relief"" fund for books, tuition, etc...

Endowed Scholarships

F012903Gary Langford ScholarshipSupport scholarships for jazz studies students in School of Music
F014207Barrios Trombone ScholarshipSupports scholarships for non-music major trombone band students
F016574Richard W. Bowles AwardSupports an annual award to an outstanding Trombone Player who is a music education major and plays in the Marching Band
F017452Crystal Ann Dillard School of Music Marching Band Saxophone EndowmentSupports scholarship awards for current saxophone students in Marching Band; awarded annually during Alumni Band Weekend

School of Theatre + Dance

Join the Friends of Theatre + Dance with a donation of $50 or more to one or more of the following funds!

Program and Research Support

F002291School of Theatre and DanceSupport school of Theatre and Dance including travel to American College Theatre Festival
F014019Friends of Theatre and DanceProvides general support for the School of Theatre and Dance
F012185International Theatre Production ProgramSupport all aspects of International Theatre Program including o scholarships, travel, administrative expenses and fundraising projects.
F017703Dance Department FundSupports the Dance Program at the School of Theatre and Dance
F018297Linda Wilson Musical Theatre Enhancement FundSupports the Musical Theatre department currently lead by Professor Tony Mata, including but not limited to research, travel, conference attendance, and programmatic support
F011119Theatre/Dance Building FundSupports completion of building including studios, lighting & computer labs, costume & set, physical therapy room, dressing rooms, Constans Theatre, & necessary equipment.

Endowed Scholarships and Fellowships

F000081Ethel L. Ingraham Theatre Scholarship FundSupports scholarships for undergraduate theatre students
F001227Mark W. Stoughton Theatre Scholarship FundSupport aid to undergraduate theatre student demonstrating financial need and outstanding artistic potential
F001499Jim Richardson Memorial Theatre ScholarshipSupports annual scholarship based on scholarship, character, demonstrated talent, and personality
F016747Chris Williams Memorial ScholarshipSupport scholarships to undergraduate and graduate theatre students and may include students' travel for performances and research
F018539Leonard Family Scholarship for DanceSupports scholarships for students studying dance
F006241Linda Wilson College of the Arts EndowmentSupport Linda W Wilson Lifetime Achievement Award; recipient to give a master class, a performance and/or lecture. May be used for scholarships to students studying musical theatre.
F007161Lawrence Baynard Hubbell Scholarship in Theatre StudiesSupport merit scholarship/fellowship for an undergraduate (sophomore or higher) or graduate student student majoring in theatre performance or production and shows interest is writing dramas or screenplays.
F018111Paul Favini Student Ambassador EndowmentSupport expenses associated with student festival and competitions such as: American College of Theatre and Dance Festivals, Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Southeastern Theatre Conference or related performing arts showcases.
F017719Friends of Theatre and Dance Scholarship/Fellowship EndowmentSupports scholarships/fellowship awards for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in theatre and/or dance
F017829Robert N. and Beverly T. Singer Theatre and Dance Fellowship FundSupport awards for recruitment of graduate students; preference given to Design and Production and may include travel, performances and research

Non-Endowed Scholarships

F011303Dr. Albert F. C. ""Doc"" Wehlburg ScholarshipSupports annual scholarship for undergraduate students studying theatre
F013905In Honor of Retired Faculty ScholarshipSupports scholarship for undergraduate and graduate theatre and dance majors.
F014667Friends of Theatre and Dance Scholarship FundSupports graduate and undergraduate scholarships to students of the School of Theatre and Dance.
F007263Gatortones-Theatre and Dance (Geraldine Ledoux Scholarship Fund)"Supports activities of Gatortones, student cabaret group

Centers + Institute

Program and Research Support

F008939Digital Worlds Institute UnrestrictedSupports general operations of the Digital Worlds Institute.
F006997Center For World ArtsSupport for administering programs in the Center for World Arts
F007371Center for Arts in MedicineSupport for Center for Arts in Healthcare Research and Education.
F018345Center for Arts in Medicine Scholarship FundSupports scholarships for students pursuing their education in the UF Center for Arts in Medicine
F013419Center for Arts in Public Policy FundSupports projects and programs initiated by the Center for Arts in Public Policy