Participating artists must have a certain level of expertise and recognition in their field. Artists may enter multiple projects but because each project has its own art selection committee, the artist must send a separate entry for each project. 


Resumes should illustrate that the artist has met at least two (2) of the following criteria:

  • the artist has completed public commissions similar in budget and scale
  • the artist’s works are in major public, private, corporate, or museum collections
  • the artist has receive awards, grants, or fellowships
  • the artist has participated in exhibitions at major museums or galleries within the past five years

If you meet two (2) of these requirements, please adhere to the following general guidelines including any specific information required for a project.


Please include Artist Name and Contact Information, Project Number and Project Title on each of the four Required Materials. Please use portrait format for these documents.

Send the four (4) following Required Materials:

1. Statement. A one-page Letter of Interest that explains why your artwork is perfect for this project and how your submitted images address the project requirements.

2. Resume. A brief, current professional resume, emphasizing public art experience, public collections and public commissions.

3. Images. Send a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 digital images. Images should be in .JPG format with a minimum resolution of approximately 800x600 pixels.

    The filename of each image must match the following format:

  •     Artist’s last name
  •     Corresponding image number from the ID Sheet
  •     Artwork title (use representative words of a long title)
  •     If the image is a “detail,” please indicate that as well                                  
  •     Be sure to put a zero in front of the numbers 1 through 9

    Example: Harris_08_Sunset_det.jpg

     Make sure that your images are sent in the same order as listed on the ID Sheet. The first five artworks presented will receive initial review. Because the initial review is a “blind” review, no identifying information should appear on the images. Do not forget to provide the committee with details/close-ups of large or complex artworks.

Note: We do not accept PowerPoint presentation or digitally watermarked images. An original signature on a work of art is acceptable.

    Video: Artwork with sound or motion may be submitted as short MP4 files.

4. Image ID Sheet. Include an image identification page(s) that provides, for each submitted image:                           

  •     Thumbnail Image of the Work
  •     Image Number
  •     Title of Work
  •     Medium
  •     Dimensions
  •     Date of the Work
  •     Price of Work or Amount of Commission

The ID Sheet must be headed with the project name and the artist’s name, address, phone number, email address and website, if any. Please keep this to 4 pages or less.

SEND YOUR SUBMISSION VIA DROPBOX (or other file-sharing service) TO:


UF Art in State Buildings Program

UF-###, Building Name*

PO Box 115803

Gainesville, FL 32611


UF Art in State Buildings Program

UF-###, Building Name*

University Gallery

400 SW 13th Street

Gainesville, FL 32611

*Please include the project number (e.g. UF-212) and building name in the mailing address.


Submitted hardcopy entries will not be returned

You do not need to submit hardcopies if you have submitted electronically





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