Sheng, Shan Shan
Harp of Color

Media: Glass
Dimensions: 17' x 56' (total dimensions) each approx. 3'x5'
Location: Constans Theatre Addition

Artist's statement:
My intention has been to integrate the work into the environment, not only to enhance and transform it, but also to create a sense of place. This is particularly important in the case of a theater where people need to feel joy and welcomed. "Harp of Color" in the Constans theater work on two levels, one the interaction with the natural lights and two as a statement about the function of the building. Suspension sculpture are created from translucent panels, which come to life in the sunlight and daylight. A kaleidoscope of colored reflections create a dynamic sense of movement and energy, appeals to people from different cultural backgrounds." Please visit the website for another project at

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