Mabe, Molly
River to Sea

Media: Painting
Dimensions: 5'0"x7'6" (2 paintings), 11"x7'6" (1 painting)
Location: Graham Center at Pugh Hall

Artist's statement:
Ocora:Through research of Florida's earliest people, their sacred process of clearing land is evident. These indigenous people created habitats in areas rich with vegetation and water sources to provide food, clothing, tools and shelter. They embraced the attitude that land was sacred; therefore anything that was harvested or cleared was necessary for secure space and survival. The paintings on the south pods of the Ocora are from river to sea, a view as seen from a high vantage point from the Ocora. The paintings offer those who assemble here what native Floridians viewed. The paintings silently speak to the need for the viewers to continue to honor this land as sacred stewards of Florida's greatest legacy.


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