Relis, Linda
Father on Guard

Media: Painting
Dimensions: 30" x 36"
Location: IFAS Ft. Pierce (Indian River Research and Education Center)

Artist's statement:
Linda Relis specializes in animal art. She depicts fauna of Florida situated within the landscape. Some species quite common here are not found in other places, so Linda feels as though she is preserving Florida's beauty through art for others to see. Linda Relis particularly loves Sandhill Cranes. The interaction among Sandhill Cranes is what she finds most intriguing. Sandhill Cranes mate for life. What is particularly interesting is that if a male should die another male will not only take his place but also adopt the offspring. Linda once saw a female crane standing over her lost mate for some time, morning her loss. She feels there is a greater connection among the Sandhill Cranes than other bird species she paints because of the family unit they form. Father on Guard depicts a male Sandhill Crane protectively keeping watch over his offspring.

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