CFA Faculty Biography

Larry Crook
School of Music
Specialization: Music History & Literature

T: (352) 273-3171
F: (352) 392-0461

P.O. Box 117900
Gainesville, Fl 32611-7900

Larry Crook (Ph.D, University of Texas) specializes in ethnomusicology and music history at the University of Florida’s School of Music and teaches a variety of courses in Latin American, Caribbean, and African music as well as specialized seminars in ethnomusicology. At UF he is area head for the Musicology and Ethnomusicology Program in the School of Music and is an affiliate member of Anthropology and the Centers for Latin American and African Studies. A percussionist, he is Director of the UF World Music Ensembles (Jacaré Brazil and Agbedidi Africa) and gives staged and interactive performances regularly. Dr. Crook's research focuses on Brazilian music, the African Diaspora, music and identity, and popular music. He is author of Brazilian Music: Northeastern Traditions and the Heartbeat of a Modern Nation (2005; 2nd ed, 2009) and co-editor of Black Brazil: Culture, Identity, and Social Mobilization (1999). He has also published articles and essays of his work in journals, books, and encyclopedias.

Dr. Crook is active in planning, organizing, and producing performance projects featuring artistic residencies with renowned musicians and performing artists from throughout the world who come to the University of Florida to create new work in artistic collaboration with faculty, students and community members. His recent projects have included collaborations with Marco Pereira, Hamilton de Holanda, João do Pife, Carlos Malta & Pife Muderno, Boca and Marcos Mourão, Mohamed DaCosta, Tote Gira, and Jelon Vieira.


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