CFA Faculty Biography

Jennifer Hodges
Dean's Office
Coordinator, Academic Support Services
Specialization: Student Affairs

T: (352) 273-1492
F: (352) 392-3802

FAA 101 PO Box 115800
1389 Stadium Road


Jen received her Bachelor of Arts in English with Honors from UF's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in 1999.  Before joining the CFA Dean's Office Staff, she was a Program Assistant in the Department of Student Records and Degrees at UF's Office of the University Registrar.  She is an avid fiction reader and an unabashed Beatlemaniac.

Job Duties:

  • Support to Associate Dean for Academic and Student Services: Drafts, edits, and prepares for signature confidential and routine correspondence, evaluations, reports and emails.  Researches and summarizes student related information and provides initial recommendations to aid the Associate Dean in decision making.  Coordinates and schedules appointments and meetings, maintains the Associate Dean’s electronic calendar.  Maintains chronological correspondence file.  Coordinates student services committees, including preparation of agendas, minutes and follow-up.  Screens phone calls for the Associate Dean and handles routine matters related to the student services area.  Provides back-up within the framework of the secretarial support staff for front office operations, including mail handling and phone coverage when required.  Makes travel arrangements for the associate dean and others when requested.  Provides pre-travel details, post-travel receipts and other reimbursement information to the College’s accountant for processing.
  • Student Services Coordinator: Serves as liaison between UF Registrar’s office, students and dean’s office.  Processes all admission paperwork on all Fine Arts transfer students and graduation paperwork on all Fine Arts undergraduate students, including UF students at New World School of the Arts (NWSA). Maintains individual transfer student folders, ensuring they contain up-to-date SASS audits and other relevant information.   Coordinates the review of preliminary and final degree certifications for final certification by the associate dean.  Coordinates the review of Universal Tracking output monitoring off-track students to determine accuracy or make exceptions as needed.    Posts exceptions to student audits as approved by the College.   Administers degree-processing activities including student petitions, grade appeals, application processing, output distribution, diploma reorders, degree certifications, honors certification, and degree reinstatements.  Processes grade changes.   Under the general direction of the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Programs, and working with the Associate In Graduate Studies and Administration, coordinates the college’s commencement ceremony.  As appropriate, speaks on behalf of the Associate Dean regarding undergraduate student services policies and procedures.  Communicates relevant student services information to college school directors, faculty and staff.  Maintains student database and enrollment management.  Processes the dean’s list letters each term and prepares the National Dean’s List roster annually.  Under the direction of the Associate Dean, and working directly with departmental staff and directors, prepares the summer course plan for submission to the college business office for funding.  Tracks enrollments for all terms and reports student credit hour information to the associate dean.  Processes statistical summaries for the college departments, including the breakdown of students enrolled by major, term, hours registered, race, gender, etc.  Serves as backup advisor in advising and registration of current students, preview students, and evaluates admission requirements relaying information to students.  Responsible for registering all students in Fine Arts Department Study Abroad Courses.  Coordinates the New Student Convocation and Navigating the Swamp program for all new first-year CFA students.  With the assistance of the  Director of Operations for the School of Theatre and Dance, coordinates the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Celebration of Creativity in Undergraduate Arts and Sciences event for the Arts and Sciences.  Coordinates CFA Preview:  responsible for college information presentation sessions; assists with scheduling sessions and registration sessions by filling in for school academic advisors during outages.  Coordinates the reservation and use of the Reid Hall Apartment in the Yulee Dormitory Complex for visiting artists and faculty.
  • College Academic Coordinator:  Serves as liaison between UF Registrar’s office, students and dean’s office.  Writes SASS Degree programs for all college majors and subprograms.  Writes degree requirement modifications as curriculum changes occur. Coordinates the review and submission of changes and updates to the Undergraduate catalog copy for adherence to the college curriculum.  Assists with the coordination of tracking and implementation of recently approved degree programs, new majors and minors and changes to existing majors and minors, including NWSA.  Helps coordinate college and departmental student registrations through the online ISIS student records system, including NWSA.  Helps coordinate college and departmental grade assignment through the online ISIS student records system, including NWSA.  Helps coordinate college and departmental course registration through the online ISIS student records system, including NWSA.  Coordinates all student/teacher evaluations for the College.  Coordinates instructor workload reports college-wide.  As the Departmental Academic Coordinator for the Fine Arts Department, coordinates all new course submissions and course modifications for the Fine Arts Department.  As the Departmental Academic Coordinator for the Fine Arts Department,  coordinates and processes all course scheduling, grader assignments, and course registration for the Fine Arts Department.   Coordinates and processes security paperwork for all Student Services related positions in the college and departments.  Processes statistical data requests for CFA  Dean’s Office and CFA Schools.
  • Academic Liaison to the New World School of the Arts (NWSA) in Miami, FL.


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