CFA Faculty Biography

Mary Lou Pearce
School of Music
Office Assistant
Specialization: Assistant to Director

T: (352) 273-3146
F: (352) 392-3716

PO Box 117901 110 SBH, Newell Drive
Gainesville, FL 32611-7901

Working in the University of Florida College of Fine Arts/School of Music/Band is a wonderful experience and I enjoy every day as a member of the School of Music.  I am the go-to person if you need to schedule an appointment or need information about the UF Band. 

 I was a Senior Secretary in the College of Agriculture at UF and worked for the Associate Dean before working at the School of Music/Bands.  I have over thirty years experience in finance, bookkeeping, payroll, customer service, secretarial duties, development and administration. Before relocating to Gainesville, I worked as the Executive Director of a successful Business Networking Club in Miami, Florida, Church Administrator and owned my owned printing business for over 27 years. In Miami I was involved in various charities, service organizations and community development. 

I have completed the Pro3 series financial certification and have taken numerous classes earning many roles in PeopleSoft, that allows me do prepare for the office: SND forms, travel, accounts payable/receivable, budgets, monthly reconciliations, PCard purchases/payments, order placement, payroll and vouchering.  In addition I compose correspondence for the band staff and perform all the secretarial and reception duties for the office. I also, work for the Marching Band and prepare financial reports for the University Athletic Association.  I work closely with the Department of Continuing Education and I am involved with our four summer band camps, as administrator.  I also, collect funds and administrate through our auxiliary the Alumni Band Weekend and Parents Day Weekend for the Marching Band.

 I enjoy volunteering my time for charities, environmental causes and our community.


Go Gators!


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