CFA Faculty Biography

Mary Patton
Dean's Office
Executive Secretary
Specialization: Associate Deans

T: (352) 273-1484
F: (352) 392-3802

PO Box 115800
Gainesville, FL 32611

Mary serves as Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean for Research, Technology and Administrative Affairs in the College of Fine Arts.  She keeps both Associate Deans’ calendars and serves as receptionist for the Dean’s Office.  


Areas of responsibility:


  • All faculty awards’ programs
  • Tenure & Promotion and Third Year Review
  • Salary Pay Plan for Full Professors (SPP)
  • Sustained Performance Evaluation for Professors (SPEP)
  • Scholarship Enhancement Fund (SEF) grants program
  • Faculty Enhancement Opportunity (FEO) grants program
  • Sabbatical and Professional Development Leave program
  • International Student Awards program
  • Effort reporter for the college
  • Space Inventory & Allocation Survey
  • Building Emergency Coordinator for the Dean's Office


Mary has worked for the University of Florida since 1991.  She worked in Business Services for over 14 years as Office Manager for ID Card Services.  She then served as Senior Secretary in the Dean of Students’ Office's New Student Programs before coming to the College of Fine Arts.  Mary received her BS degree from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, majoring in Business and Professional Management.  She is the recipient of two Superior Accomplishment Awards and a Davis Productivity Award.  Mary is very active in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, loves to read and travel and has been around the world 1½ times.  She and her husband live in Ocala and she car-pools to work every day.


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