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CFA Business Office


Are you going somewhere?


A travel authorization is required for ALL travel, regardless of the incidental nature of same. Travel where only mileage will be requested also requires a travel authorization prior to travel taking place. Please see our guidelines with links to forms.

“All other members of the UF community who are traveling on officially-sanctioned UF business outside the United States are required to register their travel on the UF International Center Web site:

By registering online, these travelers will be automatically enrolled in MEDEX, an emergency travel assistance plan for persons on official university travel. Please note that MEDEX coverage is now provided free of charge to all travelers on official UF international business. Each time an individual travels, he/she will need to register that trip separately and will then be enrolled in MEDEX for the duration of that trip. After registration, faculty can choose to print their MEDEX card, which should be carried at all times while traveling.”

REMINDER: Travel taken without following these guidelines is considered unauthorized travel and will not be reimbursable. It is for your own protection that these forms be signed and submitted well in advance of the trip to properly activate insurance coverage and to ensure the travel is justified to the satisfaction of the comptroller for audit purposes.

Important Travel Forms


Do you need to buy something?


Everything in the world of UF purchasing has changed during Summer 2009. If you have received an award of funding, or been provided an area state budget allocation, please follow the instructions below BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING. If you have a need to purchase technology, please make sure you follow the CFA Technology guidelines.

If you are attempting to use material and supply fees or equipment fees, click here

The college is not responsible for purchases or reimbursements for personal expenditures made outside of the guidelines.

How will you obtain goods?

All purchases must EITHER be approved by the Business Office OR on an itemized area budget BEFORE making any purchase. A requisition form must be fully completed and submitted to the Business Office if there is not an itemized budget on file. For example, any purchases on a Scholarship Enhancement Fund can be made without additional approval, if (and only if) they follow the approved SEF budget on file. This guideline applies no matter HOW the spending occurs.

All purchase requests will be reviewed by the Business Office to make sure they follow UF’s Purchasing Rules and Regulations. Expenditures from all fund sources including State, Foundation (including HESCAH and Marston Visiting Artist Funds), Mint Funds, lab fees*, equipment fees, Scholarship Enhancement Funds (SEF) and Gator Aid Funds will be reviewed.

*Important notice: Any requisitions using lab fees will only be approved once lab fee money is available. You may not spend lab money before you have been notified that you have it available.  You will receive notification from this office regarding your available balance as well as when you must have it spent several times throughout the semester. See Material And Supply Fees Or Equipment Fees.

Human Resources

Hiring someone or paying someone a lump sum?

Buying? It is the responsibility of the CFA Business Office Staff to ensure the appropriate hiring process is used for all hiring and payment of visiting artists in the college.

For every type of hire and/or lump sum payment (including someone you think may be an independent consultant being paid an honorarium) EXCEPT Graduate Student Assistantships, please fill out the Individual Payment Information Form at least one month prior to the person starting work. The information on the form should be completed by unit clerical staff and not the person you are trying to hire/pay. After completing that form, make sure to have it signed by the Director of the School and give it to Barbara. The HR staff will contact the candidate to gather any necessary hire paperwork and will complete the hire and communicate with the new hire and one unit staff contact person regarding any orientation or information the employee or unit need to begin their job.

If the form is not completed and turned in to Barbara one month prior to the person starting work, the person will not get paid in a timely manner and the College exposes itself to violating Federal, State and University hiring laws and regulations. The earlier you turn in this paperwork, the earlier this office can start the process of getting him/her paid.

For Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships communicate all hires/changes/terminations to Laura Robertson ( who will get that information to George Trucano. George will process all aspects of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships.

CONFIDENTIALITY of Personnel Information: For the information of administrators and prospective employees below is a link that describes the allowed uses for gathering social security numbers and the privacy/security measures surrounding such information.

PeopleSoft / GatorLink Access

Do you need a UFID or a Gatorlink user name assigned or additional access to PeopleSoft?


 The College of Fine Arts Directory Coordinator is Barbara Mitola (George Trucano is the back-up). The Directory Coordinator assigns UFID numbers and facilitates assigning Gatorlink user names (to allow access to UF computers and PeopleSoft).

The College of Fine Arts Departmental Security Administrator is Barb Mitola. The D.S.A assigns PeopleSoft related roles (mainly to faculty and staff).

Can we help you with something else?


If you have a need not addressed above, please visit our staff page to find the contact information of the business office staff.  Or feel free to email the Business Manager/Chief of Staff at


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