East-Central Africa Arts & Health Forum

East-Central Africa Arts & Health Forum, 2011

In partnership with the Society for the Arts in Healthcare and the Rwanda Red Cross, and with funding from the Johnson & Johnson Foundation, the Center presented an international forum in Kigali, Rwanda May 13 & 14, 2011. Over 100 people from Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo attended and the event spurred the development of the East-Central Africa Arts & Health Network.

The East–Central Africa Arts & Health Forum was designed and presented through a signature partnership between the Society, the Center for Arts in Medicine, and the Rwanda Red Cross, harnessing the social capital the Center for Arts in Medicine has built in the region through its longstanding and highly influential AIM for Africa initiatives. Over the course of several years working in the region, the Center recognized widespread and highly innovative applications of the arts in health initiatives by organizations in several African countries. These organizations expressed the need to bring program professionals together, along with government officials, to formally discuss the arts and health. As a result, the East–Central Africa Forum was planned for May 2011. The forum’s overarching goal was to cultivate a network of arts, health, and human service organizations, individual artists, and other professionals whose effectiveness could be enhanced by the connection of the arts to health initiatives, and to provide a base of knowledge, best practice models, and resources for implementing arts and health practices in East and Central Africa. Our specific intended outcomes for this project, informed by the strategic plan of Johnson & Johnson’s philanthropic program, included the following:

  • Heightened awareness of the value of connecting the arts to healthcare
  • Increased connections among organizations and individuals in healthcare and the arts that can lead to enhancements in healthcare and overall quality of life in the region, including economic well-being and health literacy
  • Widespread dissemination of knowledge and resources to support the development of self-sustaining arts and health initiatives in East and Central Africa

For a detailed report of the Forum please click here.

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Arts in Healthcare for East-Central Africa Training, September-October, 2012

In responce to requests for in-depth training following the 2011 Forum in Kigali, the Arts in Healthcare for East-Central Africa Training Program was held in Gisenyi Rwanda in 2012. The training program was presented to 56 students and professionals from Rwanda and the DRC at the Kigali Independent University from 27 September through 2 October, 2012. The training program was presented by the University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine in partnership with the University of Goma, the Kigali Independent University, the Rwanda Arts in Healthcare Initiative and the Society for the Arts in Healthcare.

For a detailed report of theArts in Healthcare for East-Central Africa Training Program, click here.

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