Arts in Medicine Coursework at the University of Florida

  • Undergraduate Courses:
    • Introduction to the Arts in Medicine: HUM2592, College of Fine Arts
    • Dance in Medicine: DAA 3775, College of Fine Arts, School of Theatre & Dance
    • The Arts and Human Development: HUM 2930, Center for Arts in
    • Writing and Healing: Process and Practice, IDH 2931, section 2554, Honors Program
    • Music and Health: IDH 3931, section 0924, Honors Program
    • Music and Healing in Contemporary Africa: MUH3532, section 14G4
    • Independent Studies in Theatre, Music & Dance, College of Fine Arts
    • Arts in Healthcare Practicum 1: HUM3940L
    • Arts in Healthcare Practicum 2: HUM4941L
    • Dance in Medicine: DAN 3775
    • Dance Clinical Practice: DAN 4860L
    • Culture, Health, and the Arts: Sub-Saharan Africa and the U.S.: HUM 4905 College of Fine Arts
    • Dance Clinical Practice: DAA 4930, CFA School of Theatre and Dance
  • Graduate Courses:
    • Spirituality and Creativity in Healthcare, NGR 4930, NGR 6930, College of Nursing
    • Reflective Writing, NEUR 06, College of Medicine (for 1st & 2nd year med students only)

Arts for Health, Peace & Community Engagement in Northern Ireland

Overview: Arts for Health, Peace and Community Engagement in Northern Ireland offers an overview of the arts in healthcare, a basic history of health and peace disparities and creative community engagement in Northern Ireland. Designed to engage academic discourse, service learning, arts practice and immersion in clinical arts apprenticeships, students are to explore the depth and breadth of Northern Irish arts practices for health and peace efforts.

Course Information & Program Dates: 6 Credits of HUM4956. July 20 - August 8, 2014.

Location: Service learning study abroad in and around Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Excursions: North Antrim Coast, Derry/Londonderry, and Glasgow, Scotland.

Program Cost: $3,400 (includes tuition, accommodations & excursions)

Instructor & Contact Information: Instructor: Jenny Lee Phone: 352-273-1488

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Jenny Lee using the information provided above.

To apply, visit the UF International Center:

Arts in Healthcare Summer Intensives

The Center for the Arts in Healthcare presents the annual Arts in Healthcare Summer Intensives at UF and at the University at Buffalo.
Click here for information on upcoming intensives.

For questions or for more information, please contact Jill Sonke.


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