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College of Fine Arts Research Profiles

Stacey Galloway
School of Theater + Dance

Assistant Professor
T: 273-0508

College of Fine Arts
University of Florida
McGuire Pavilion, P.O. Box 115900
Gainesville, FL 32611

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Research Interests:

Symbiotic relationship of Costume Design & Technology

Research Summary:

My area of research and creative work is in the symbiotic relationship between costume design and technology. This is a continuation of my professional career as both a costume designer and a costume technician. I firmly believe that design and the physical implementation of that design are inextricably entwined. Better knowledge, experience and aptitude for one area improve one’s ability in the other area. I explore this concept through continued professional experience in the field and through research on pertinent topics for conference presentations.


MFA in Costume Design from West Virginia University
BS in Business Administration from Drake University

Key Professional Appointments:

Assistant Professor of Costume Technology at University of Florida


2009 Southeastern Theatre Conference – workshop entitled “Bidding- Not Just for Vegas: A look at the costume bidding process for freelancers and Broadway”
2008 Southeastern Theatre Conference – workshop entitled “Poufs, Plastic Paniers and Pop-Ups-A Non-traditional Approach to 18th Century Costumes”

Selected Works:

Guest Designer and Patternmaker for 10 seasons at Seaside Music Theater
Over hire Draper for title character of Wolf Trapp Opera’s production of Alcina Costumer for 2008 Spoleto Festival USA
Assistant Costume Designer for Broadway production of Hot Feet


2009 University of Florida Scholarship Enhancement Grant


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