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College of Fine Arts Research Profiles

Craig Smith
School of Art + Art History

Associate Professor
T: 273-3025

College of Fine Arts
University of Florida
PO Box 115801
Gainesville, FL 32611

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Research Interests:



Relational Art (Curating, Theory, Practice)
Installation Art (Theory and Practice)
Philosophy of Duration (Bergson, Deleuze, Grosz)
Performance and Photography (Acconci, Barney, Piper)
Interactivity (Aesthetics, Theory, Applications)

Research Summary:

Craig Smith is an American media artist whose art and research focuses on the process, aesthetics, and ethics of human-to-human interactivity in contemporary art, and the spatial and temporal context of Relational Artworks in contemporary exhibition formats. Smith’s practice includes the production of photography, performance art, video, writing and lectures. His work is also supported through close collaborations with a group of artists including the performance group C (with Lilah Freedland and Matthew Bakkom) and SmithBeatty (with Colin Beatty).




2008: Post-Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning. UK Higher Education Authority/Center for Learning, Teaching & Development, University of the Arts London

2007: Ph.D. Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College, University of London. Thesis Title: Structuring Interactivity; Space and Time in Relational Art

1999: Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program


1998: MFA. State University of New York at Buffalo (Photography)


1997: American Photography Institute National Graduate Seminar, New York University 1996: BFA. University of Oklahoma (Photography)


1996: BFA. University of Oklahoma (Photography)


2011: Talking Heads. Price Tower Art Center/ OKMozart Festival; Bartlesville USA.

2010: Talking Heads. Artspace Sydney; Sydney AUS.

2009: Recent Works; Craig Smith Paris 2009. Parsons Paris; Paris FR.

2009: Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo. British Film Institute/ University of the Arts London; London UK.

2009: Monsters of Nature and Design III (w/ Colin Beatty). Burchfield-Penney Art Center; Buffalo USA.

2009: Training Manual for Relational Art (w/ Colin Beatty). Big Orbit Gallery; Buffalo USA.


2009: Visiting Lecturer: On the Use of Photography in Relational Art. University of Texas, School of Art, Austin USA


2009: Lecturer: Interface; On the Move to Global Participation. University of Dundee and the Journal “Film-Philosophy” Conference, University of Dundee; Dundee UK

2008: In the Attitude of a Bear (w/ Colin Beatty). Hudson River Museum; Yonkers USA.


2008: Guest Lecturer. The Relational Procedure. Undergraduate Program in Visual Communications; Srishti College of Art, Design and Technology-Bangalore, India.

2007: High Five (w/ Lilah Freedland). Galerie Scuster Photo; Berlin DE.

2006: How do we Measure the Responsibility of a Crowd ? Interface Research Centre; Belfast UK.

Selected Works:

2009: “The Demonstration Image; On the Use of Photography in Relational Art.” In Training Manual for Relational Art. Big Orbit Gallery; Buffalo USA (ISBN:978-0-939784-23-3)2008: On the Subject of the Photographic. Published by the Centre for Learning and Teaching Excellence, University of the Arts London. London (UK). (ISBN: 978-0-9541439-8-5)2007: “Computational Studio Art.” In Electronic Visualization of the Arts. Bowen, Jonathan (ed.) Published by EVA Conferences International. Middlesex (UK). (ISBN: 0-9543146-8-9)2007: “From Judgment to Measure: Claire Bishop’s Participation Anxiety.” In ‘PUBLICity.’ (Hutnyk, J. ed.) LeftCurve no. 31, 2007: pp. 115-6. (ISSN: 0160-1857)


2009: New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) 2009:EMF Funding (Electronic Media and Film): Training Manual for Relational Art. Big Orbit Gallery, Buffalo USA.2009: Erie County Visual Artist Grant Training Manual for Relational Art.2008/9: University of the Arts Research Funding Award: Training Manual for Relational Art.2007/8: CLIP-CETL Pedagogic Research Fund. Project Title: The Subject of the Photographic.


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