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College of Fine Arts Research Profiles

Stan Kaye
School of Theater + Dance

T: 273-0510

College of Fine Arts
University of Florida
207 McGuire Pavilion, P.O. Box 115900
Gainesville, Fl 32611-5900

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Research Interests:

Lighting Design and technology, Entertainment technology, visual systems and perception, stage, architectural and museum lighting.

Research Summary:

My research focuses on the use and development of theatrically based lighting systems and technology for new and novel uses. Currently my research is focused on specialized museum showcase presentation techniques with a particular interest in biological visual system hierarchies as it relates to memory and information recall caused by specialty lighting techniques. I am interested in the convergence of theatrical and architectural lighting design. I have worked on the miniaturization of “art light” technologies. Some of this work has resulted in a US patent.


Master of Fine Arts – University of Hawaii - Manoa
Bachelor of Fine Arts – Brooklyn College City University of New York (cum Laude)
Associate in Arts Kingsborough Community College City University of New York

Key Professional Appointments:

United Scenic Artists – local 829
International Association of Lighting Designers
Illuminating Engineers Society of North America
Profession Lighting Designers Association (Europe)


Member Illuminating Engineers Society publication of Design guidelines for Lighting of Theaters published by IESNA 2009
Lighting Designer (stage Lighting) Grand Hotel- Freed Center for the Performing Arts
Lighting Specialist – Ashmolean Museum Oxford University (England) Modernization project
Lighting Specialist – Library of Congress – Pre-Columbian Exhibt
Lighting Consultant – City of St. Petersburg, Florida
Lighting Specialist- Israel Musuem, - Cradle of Christianly Exhibit

Selected Works:

Stage Lighting- A Guide to Planning Theaters and Auditoriums 2009
Finding Your Way, Live Design Magazine, October 2007
Teaching With WYSIWYG, Lighting Dimensions Magazine Nov 2002


Luxam Inc. 27,000 (2009)
Center For World Arts 750.00 (2009)
Nuckols Fund for Lighting Education 20,000 International Association of Lighting Designers Education Trust 1,500 (2009) 3,000 (2005) 1,878 (2007)
Fine Arts Scholarship Enhancement Grants 5,000 (2000) 5,000 (2001) 5,000 (2002) 2,500 (2004)


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