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Faculty + Staff Resources

College of Fine Arts


CFA Business

  • CFA Travel
  • CFA Purchasing / Budget
  • CFA HR and Hiring

CFA Tech Help

  • IT Helpdesk Request
  • IT Purchase Request
  • SA+AH Lab Request


  • Research Profiles
  • Collaborator Search
  • Research Funding

CFA Committees


School Resources

School of Music

University of Florida



  • UF Employee Benefits + Retirement
  • Sexual Harassment Policies
  • Training


  • UF Tenure, Promotion, Sabbatical, and FEO
  • UF Faculty Awards + Recognition
  • UF Faculty Handbook + Development

Graduate School

  • Doctoral Mentoring Awards
  • GTA Awards
  • Graduate Council


  • International Program Development
  • International Educator Awards
  • International + Exchange Forms

Academic Technology

  • Classroom Support
  • E-Learning Support Services
  • Videoconferencing Services


  • Online Course Creation Assistance
  • Computer + Pedagogy Training
  • Faculty Media Lab + Services

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