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College Curriculum Committee

College Curriculum Committee

The responsibility of this elected committee is to evaluate, revise, and recommend policies to implement the curriculum of the degree-granting units of the College. The committee shall consider all requests for new degree programs, for changes in undergraduate and graduate curricula or catalog listings, and for the addition of new courses of instruction in the College.

The degree granting units of the College shall maintain their own curriculum committees and the elected chair of each of those committees will serve as voting members of the Fine Arts Curriculum Committee. The Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs will chair the meetings ex-officio. The committees will meet regularly and report appropriately to the Faculty at the unit and College levels.

Current Members

Dean’s Office Edward Schaefer
SAAH Katerie Gladdys
SoM Ken Broadway
SoTD (to be elected)
DW Ben DeVane


Committee Resources


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