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Creative B program returns to UF, highlights cultural enrichment during Summer B semester

Introduced by Academic Affairs (Office of the Provost) in 2010, Creative B is a summer program at the University of Florida that consolidates the collective resources and talents of the many creative programs at UF. Creative B participants may choose from unique courses with an artistic edge, a variety of live cultural performances and a wide range of interdisciplinary summer activities.
"We look forward to Creative B enlivening the campus atmosphere during the summer B term through unique and innovative programming," said Provost Joe Glover.
Partnering units and departments from throughout the University of Florida (College of Fine Arts, Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, Performing Arts, Florida Museum of Natural History, College of Journalism and Communications, Student Affairs, Smathers Libraries, Gator Nights, Multicultural and Diversity Affairs, IDEAL and more) have contributed a diverse slate of interdisciplinary programs and even some new courses that emphasize creativity and creative skill-building.
"These experiences will be enjoyed by all, but they are a particularly fitting welcome for our new freshman class and students and families visiting during Preview," said College of Fine Arts Dean Lucinda Lavelli. "This is an exciting way to give everyone a taste of the creativity and collaboration that is part of the Gator Nation."
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Creative B/Ongoing Calendar Events

Exhibition: Anne Noggle: Reality and the Blind Eye of Truth

Presented by UF Harn Museum of Art.

This exhibition showcases a selection of recently acquired photographs by Anne Noggle, an acclaimed artist whose work is included in many public and private collections. Noggle became a professional photographer at age 40, after serving as a Women Airforce Service Pilot (WASP) and as a captain in the U.S. Army Air Forces during WWII. Through self-portraits and photographs of family and friends, Noggle’s work explores female vitality, aging and beauty with an honest, respectful and often humorous point of view.

June 19, 2012 - Mar. 10, 2013, Harn Museum of Art, free.

Info: 352-392-9826

Exhibition: Souvenirs of Modern Asia: The Prints of Paul Jacoulet

Presented by UF Harn Museum of Art.

Souvenirs of Modern Asia features a remarkable set of 55 woodcuts by French artist Paul Jacoulet (1896 – 1960), who lived and worked in Japan most of his life. These colorful and masterfully printed woodcuts were inspired by Jacoulet’s extensive travels in China, Japan, Korea and the South Pacific. They demonstrate a synthesis of traditional Japanese printing techniques with modern European aesthetics. The exhibition also includes a unique selection of archival materials, such as letters, brochures and photographs, related to the artist.

June 26, 2012 - February 3, 2013, Harn Museum of Art, free.

Info: 352-392-9826

Exhibition: Cofrin Asian Art Wing

Presented by UF Harn Museum of Art.

The recently opened Cofrin Asian Art Wing contains four main galleries and two focus galleries that display nearly 700 works showcasing the Harn Museum’s collections in Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and South and Southeast Asian art. Featured works include ceramics from China, Japan, Central Asia, and South and Southeast Asia; Chinese jades and glass works; Korean paintings, ceramics, sculpture and folk materials; sculpture from throughout Asia made from stone, ivory and wood; paintings and prints from China, India and Japan; Indian and Japanese masks; Tibetan and Nepalese works; as well as a special section dedicated to Kogo (jyu-koh-go), small containers to house pieces of incense wood or blended aromatics for ceremonial use.

Ongoing exhibition, Harn Museum of Art, free.

Info: 352-392-9826


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