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Arts Administration

The online graduate certificate program is offered by the College of Fine Arts at the University of Florida. This program is designed to help working professionals in the arts industry become leaders of their respective organizations. The online delivery of this program allows students to further their education and enrich their career without having to sacrifice commitments to their family and career.

There are 756,007 businesses in the U.S. involved in the creation or distribution of the arts. They range from nonprofit museums, symphonies, theaters to for-profit films, architecture, and advertising organizations. Together, these organizations employ 2.99 million people, representing 4.14% of all organizations and 2.17% of all employees, respectively. Arts administrators have a wide range of responsibilities (e.g. staff management, marketing, managing budgets, public relations, program development and evaluation, fundraising, and board relations), and oftentimes lack the leadership training necessary to perform these functions.

Program At A Glance

  • Program: Graduate Certificate administered by the University of Florida
  • Format: 3 online courses, completed in as little as 12 months.
  • Credits: 9 credits (3 credits per course)
  • Primary Faculty Mentor: Kevin Marshall
  • Tuition: $459.94 per credit hour


HUM 6430 Arts Advocacy and Public Policy
This course is an in depth study of the principles, practice, and policy of government’s involvement with the arts sector. Students will study the historic relationships between the artist and government at all levels of society.

HUM 6944 Arts in Action: Consulting Project in Performing Arts Management
Arts in Action provides an opportunity for arts administration students to experience an arts organization with hands-on learning. Students must research an organization where they will work, negotiate their duties, and write a proposal outlining their projected work experience which must be approved by the program director. Grading for this course is based upon the organization supervisor's evaluation at the end of the practicum, ongoing reports to the arts administration program director throughout the practicum, and the final report written by the student.

HUM 6930 Arts Administration Leadership
This course prepares students to participate in the governance, policy, and decision-making and planning functions of local and national nonprofit performing arts organizations. The focus of the course is on developing a business plan that includes the major components of a successfully functioning nonprofit organization.

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