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Music for Pre-Health Professions

About the Program

Students who wish to pursue a pre-medical track may do so by following the recommended course work listed below. The following track helps students not only receive their bachelor of music, but also fulfill the course work requirements to apply for medical schools upon graduation with their bachelor degree. Students are expected to enroll in all required tracking courses for music and integrate the science courses below in order to complete both the music degree and the pre-medical track courses in four years.


PRE-Health Track Course:


Term 1:

CHM 1025 or CHM 2045 and Lab

MAC 1147 or MAC 2311

Term 2:
CHM 2046 and lab (Or CHM 2045 and Lab)

STA 2023 (Or MAC 2311)


Term 3:

CHM 2210

BSC 2010 and Lab

(Take STA 2023 over the summer if you had to take MAC 1147 then MAC 2311)


Term 4:

CHM 2211 and Lab

BSC 2011 and Lab


Term 5:

PHY 2053 and Lab

1 Science (Bio Chem BCH 4024)


Term 6:

PHY 2054 and Lab

1 Science (Genetics or Micro Bio or Cell Science)


Term 7:

1 Science (whatever not taken above from MCB3020/L or Gentics)


Term 8:

1 Science

For example, a student in their first year would take:

First Semester
MUT 1121 Music Theory (1) or
MUT 1001 Rudiments 3
MVK 111 Secondary Piano 1
MV_ 141_ Performance Principal 2
MUN 1000 Level Ensemble (GE-H) 1
MUS 1010 Recital Attendance 0
Mathematics (GE-M) (MAC 2311) 4

Physical/Biological Science (GE-P/B)
(CHM 2045+LAB)


Composition (GE-C)* 3
  Total Credits: 17
Second Semester
MUT 1122 Music Theory (2) or
MUT 1121 Music Theory (1) 3
MVK 1112 Secondary Piano (2) 1
MV_ 141_ Performance Principal 2
MUN 1000 Level Ensemble (GE-H) 1
MUS 1010 Recital Attendance 0
MUS 1360 Intro to Music Tech. 3
Mathematics (GE-M) (STA 2023) 3

Physical/Biological Science (GE-P/B)
(CHM 2046+LAB)

  Total Credits: 17

* Students who meet the general education requirements by earning AP/IB/Dual enrollment credits will not be required to take any additional general education courses. Therefore, in some cases, semester one can be 14 credit hours instead of 17.

Faculty and Program Contacts

Music in Combination with an Outside Field involves faculty across all studies at the University of Florida School of Music. To learn more about faculty in each focus area, visit one of the program areas:

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