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Undergraduate Courses for Non-Majors

School of Art + Art History

ARH1000 - Masterpieces of Art (GE: H)
ARH2002 - Introduction to Art: The Artistic Experience (GE: H,N)
ARH2050 - Introduction to the Principles and History of Art 1 (GE: H,N)
ARH2051 - Introduction to the Principles and History of Art 2 (GE: H,N)
ARH 2500 - Non-Western Art (GE: H,N)
HUM2500 - A Taste of the Arts Behind the Scenes (GE: N)
ART2934C - Non Major Studio Art (Lower Division)
ART3930C - Non Major Studio Art (Upper Division)

School of Music

MUH2501 - Introduction to World Musics (FALL SEMESTER ONLY; GE: H,N)
MUH3530 - Popular and Traditional Musics of Africa (FALL SEMESTER ONLY; GE: H,N)
MUH3621 - Jewish Art Music in Western Culture (Written Instructor Permission Required; GE: H,N)
MUH3541 - Latin American Music (SPRING SEMESTER ONLY; GE: H,N)
MUH4016 - History of Jazz (GE: H, N)
MUL2010 - Introduction to Music Literature (GE: H,N; W)
MUR3104 - Music and the Catholic Church (GE: H; W4)

School of Theatre + Dance

DAA1000 - Fundamentals of Dance Technique (GE: H)
DAN2100 - Dance Appreciation for the Twenty-First Century (GE: H,N)
ORI2000 - Oral Performance for Literature 1 (GE: H)
THE2000 - Theatre Appreciation (GE: H,D)
TPP2100 - Acting for Non-Majors (GE: H)
TPP3124 - Improvisation and Social/Political Issues

Digital Worlds Institute

DIG2020 - Foundations of Digital Culture (W4)
(Other DWI Undergraduate DIG Courses with Consent of Instructor)


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