Third Year Review

Third Year Review


The University of Florida requires a special (mid-term or mid-career) review be conducted for all tenure-accruing faculty in March or April of the third year of their tenure-accruing appointment. 

The purpose of this “Third Year Review” is to provide structured and constructive information to assist those faculty in eventually meeting College and University requirements for tenure and promotion. 

While each College establishes its own procedures for conducting the review, the review process begins with each candidate preparing a tenure packet (without external letters) following the UF “Guidelines and Information Regarding the Tenure, Permanent Status and Promotion Process” (see link). 

A school committee of tenured faculty, the school director, and the dean must provide an evaluation of the faculty member’s progress toward meeting the criteria for tenure. The outcome of the review is shared with the faculty member evaluated, but shall not be used in any future evaluation of the faculty member for tenure.

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