Tenure & Promotion


Tenure, a status granted by the Board of Trustees, is attained by a faculty member in an academic department through distinction in teaching, research, extension, or other scholarly or creative activities, and service and contributions to the university and to the profession. It assures the faculty member immunity from reprisals or threats due to an intellectual position or belief that may be unpopular. A tenured faculty member has the status of a permanent member of the faculty and will remain in the employment of the university until the faculty member voluntarily leaves, voluntarily retires, is dismissed for cause under Rule 6C1-7.048, is discontinued from employment pursuant to the layoff provisions of the university rules, or dies.

Promotion shall mean the appointment of a faculty member to a higher academic rank in recognition of distinguished performance as a faculty member. Responsibility for promotion decisions has been specifically delegated to the President by the Board of Trustees.

[Excerpted from the UF Faculty Handbook]

Discipline SpecificCriteria
(These are the Discipline Specific Criteria and will go into effect August 2011)
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