Design and Production Portfolio Interviews and Reviews

Prospective Undergraduate BFA Design Students

Auditionees are required present a completed Auditionee Information Sheet to faculty at the time of the interview.
When preparing for the BFA portfolio interview consider the following items and bear in mind that the BFA is a highly specialized track that prepares the graduate to enter the profession immediately. The faculty looks for individuals that they believe can be successful in the entertainment industry upon graduation. The faculty will consider the whole person when making this determination.

Consider this a job interview. Dress for success.

Be on time for your appointment

Present a professional attitude. Preparation = Confidence

Bring your portfolio

An early career portfolio can include:
* copies of your resume
* drawing examples
* drafting examples
* rendering examples
* audio samples
* painting examples
* digital design examples
* high school design work (if it still indicates your current abilities)
* any fine art that you have created (photos work better than slides)

note: Your portfolio should be well organized and presented in a manner that informs the faculty of the type of person you are. The portfolio represents you. You must present the portfolio.

Be prepared to speak in an articulate manner about shows you have in the portfolio.

Be prepared to answer questions about why you are seeking the BFA track.

Be prepared to explain the work in the portfolio.

If you do not have enough work to create a portfolio, prepare an organized resume.

Seek advice from faculty or graduate students in your area to help prepare for the interview. They will be happy to coach you.

Contact Professor Paul Favini, phone number (352) 273-0507, for more information.

Register for an audition.

Current Undergraduate BFA Design Students

Portfolio Review

Who is required to do a portfolio review?
Continuing BFA students, graduating BFA students.

When is the portfolio review?
During the reading days between end of Spring and Fall classes and the beginning of the finals week. Specific dates will be posted on the design bulletin board (outside of the faculty design studio) Continuing BFA students are not required to show their work during the fall review (however, if you plan to go to SETC or USITT it would be wise).

What do you need for your review?
Current resúme, portfolio material appropriate to your area presented in a professional manner. (You may wish to see the design faculty for ideas on exactly what a professional presentation requires.)

How should you present yourself?
This is your chance to practice for interviews, you should dress and act accordingly. Remember: NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR YOUR WORK.
Sign-up for the Portfolio Review by calling one of the two faculty listed at the bottom of the page.

Group Showing
Graduating seniors are required to present their portfolios to faculty and peers during finals week of the spring semester. This is an opportunity for new BFA students to see the work of their classmates and methods of presentation. All BFA students are required to attend this showing. Failure to attend this showing will affect faculty support for USITT, ACTF, and SETC entries. If you have a final at this time, speak to a member of the design faculty regarding the conflict.

note: Graduating seniors must sign up for an individual review time as well.

If you have questions about this process, call or email one of the following faculty:

Stan Kaye
(352) 273-0510

Paul Favini
(352) 273-0507