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Message from the Director

Welcome to the UF School of Music website.

The School of Music is a vibrant, stimulating environment that features highly artistic and devoted faculty. Degrees we offer include the Bachelor of Music in Music Education in Performance, in Theory, and in Composition. Perhaps the degree that is most appealing to students is the Bachelor of Music in Combination with an Outside Field. At the graduate level, students have the choice the Master of Music in Composition, Conducting, Music Education, Music History and Literature, Performance, Sacred Music, and Music Theory. For those wishing to pursue the doctorate, the Doctor of Philosophy is offered in Music and in Music Education.

Unlike many programs, the student-to-faculty ratio is perfect to provide a strong, effective learning experience. Students study with full-time faculty, perform in major ensembles that combine undergraduates and graduates, and enjoy a healthy and supportive social circle that nurtures positive and professional attributes.

As an All-Steinway school, we offer our students quality pianos throughout the building.

We as faculty are internationally acclaimed, remain highly active in our fields, and place a quality educational experience for our students at the pinnacle of our purpose. Our students are why we are here!

With our new Steinbrenner Band Building, our newly renovated performance space, and our state-of-the-art piano and computer laboratories, our students enjoy a quality educational environment.

Mentored by our faculty, students develop strong research and performance skills at both undergraduate and graduate levels that prepare them to be successful in the vocational direction they pursue.

Our graduates are in high demand as they enter the job market, whether K-12 teaching, private studio teaching, or positions in higher education. The reputation for producing outstanding and successful graduates is such that potential employers purposefully seek our students.

We realize there are many outstanding choices for students, and we hope that the University of Florida will be on your list to explore.

John A. Duff, Director
UF School of Music

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